WTF is Halona Glass Tee- Preorder

$ 47.00

A rip-off of one of my favorite Ronnie Van Zant tees (last image) these TRUE vintage, buttery soft tees are a long time coming. Besides my undying love of Lynyrd Skynyrd, I am often asked what Halona Glass means. 

Done by the amazing Born Losers ( I am sure of the quality of these. Every tee I have by them just gets better with age. Because this is true handpicked vintage, sizes will vary slightly (please read size description below). Will ship in 2-3 weeks as of 12/30/17


SMALL/MEDIUM: 17-18" chest

MEDIUM/LARGE: 19-20" chest 


Please view my instagram at twiggylevy to see additional photos of the tees!