Water Protector Chief- Standing Rock donation.

$ 150.00

Like countless other Americans, I am absolutely appalled and what's happening at Standing Rock. Without having the means to join them in protest, I am doing what I can to contribute. 100% of this sale will go to the Standing Rock water protectors. 


About this Chief. Every piece of glass was chosen with care. The blue colors represent water, they are so staunchly trying to protect. The blue war paint across his nose symbolizes wisdom and confidence, something they have been teaching us since we first invaded their land. The hammered skin shows the beatings and mistreatment they have endured. The black swirl of the feathers represents simultaneously the "black snake" of the pipeline and in the reflection; the inevitable oil spill as the baroque glass suddenly goes from strong swirls to a blended image. Personally, it's a perfect glass image of the water protectors and everything they are fighting for. 


The prototype is being shipped to a fundraiser in NYC and the 3 I have listed will be shipped February 15th, 2017.