Indian Blanket Fan Lamp

$ 235.00

I've always loved fan lamps; the perfect amount of light, illuminate the glass perfectly. For years I've wanted to do a line of them but the bases available to me were not what I wanted. Enter Ben Specter, a master carpenter from Belen, NM. He was able to create exactly what I wanted and finally, I could make my lamps! 


The lamp that started it all! I've been dreaming of doing an Eyedazzler Blanket for some time. Eyedazzlers are Navajo rugs from the mid 19th century. A somewhat frowned upon style in the Navajo community, the change came out about for a myriad of reasons. The top being the government, after forcing them into reservations; gave them large amounts of dye allowing them to use bright colors. They also discovered the blankets were too large and expensive for most, so this weave was created and shortened to a rug to help sales. I personally think they allow the creator to infuse their personality so very much.

An impressive 14X12" in total height. You get to fully customize this one! I can't wait to see the colors y'all come up with. Simply order, then email me at and we can get the ball rolling! You can be as specific or vague as you'd like. This includes with the base. We can make them stained as dark or light as you'd like or even paint them any shade of the rainbow! 

Please allow 10-12 weeks for shipping. As each base and stained glass base is made to order.