Heartleaf Philodendron Spider Corner

$ 150.00

This guys been rattling in my head for quite sometime and I’m so excited to finally see them completed. Inspired by my mama’s famous spider web corners (www.missourijewel.com) I added my favorite houseplant around the edges. Can be placed in a window, hallway... anywhere you’d like! 10”x10” 

The leaves are randomly selected alternating shades of green. Each corner piece will vary. The web I used a sparkling clear to mimic the look of a web in fresh dew. 

I AM CURRENTLY ON 6 MONTH LEAD TIME. Please do NOT order if you can not wait. Adding “I’d like this piece next week. Thanks!!” in the notes will not get you the piece sooner. There’s always the chance they’ll ship sooner, but that’s just a bonus.