Bird Mobile

$ 225.00

One of my favorite designs! From the late 80s, an update version of Bonnie’s a bird mobiles. Three separate panels on a weight pulley system that have the wings “flap” when the chain is pulled. Just about any bird can be done! 

Some I have done: 

  • eagle
  • chickadee (pictured) 
  • mallard
  • pigeon 
  • hummingbird
  • dove 

Ones I would like to do: 

  • parrot
  • pheasant 
  • crow
  • vulture
  • red tail hawk

After ordering, I will email you for your bird preference and we will go from there. There is a SIX month lead time currently. Please do NOT order if you can not wait that long. ❤️


“Small” dimensions: 2 ft wing span 

“Large” dimensions: 3.5 for wing span